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Growing God's Way Book Title

Growing God’s Way - SOLD OUT

Growing God’s Way is a uniquely designed Bible study series that

Kevin Lee has written to help strengthen men and women in their daily walk with Jesus Christ.


Growing God’s Way will guide men and women toward living an authentic Christian lifestyle.  In a world filled with work deadlines, stress, and other external pressures, this book will help every believer discover an inner balance through the richness of reading God’s Word. The general format of each session has proven to be successful in helping adult men and women grow closer in their connection with God.


Growing God’s Way includes such topics as: Connecting with God, Avoiding Temptation, Living Sexually Pure, Staying Accountable, and much more.  As such, the overall content offers an excellent opportunity for men and women to grow and mature in their walk with Christ. 


Growing God’s Way is a book that belongs on the bookshelf of every Christian believer.

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Leading God's Way Title

Leading God’s Way – A Bible study for individuals or small groups

Leading God’s Way is a Bible study series designed to help individuals of all ages grow in their daily spiritual journey with God. 


Leading God’s Way offers its readers several leadership guideposts (i.e., spiritual topics) that help to address the human tendency to let down your guard and become too casual and complacent in your spiritual life. 


Leading God’s Way includes the following guideposts: leading others, studying God’s Word, serving God and others, giving to the Kingdom, worshipping the Almighty, and praying regularly.

In this study series, you will learn to how to: Be a leader at home, church, work, and elsewhere. Make the most out of your study time in the Bible. Build a life of serving others that glorifies God. Become a servant who gives more than receives. Worship the Lord Almighty in spirit and truth. Make a commitment to have a regular pray life


Leading God’s Way is ideal for an individuals or small groups seeking to maximize their potential to grow as leaders at home, church, work, and elsewhere.

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God's Words for Life Book Title

God’s Words for Life Daily Words of Encouragement for Men 

God’s Words for Life is a uniquely encouraging men’s devotional and study guide that Kevin Lee has written to help strengthen men in their daily walk with Jesus Christ. 

God’s Words for Life will encourage you in your personal relationship with Him and increase your understanding of how He works in your life. You can read a brief devotional message everyday together with a nearby scripture passage, meditation verse, and positive affirmation. You can also write a brief reflection of your thoughts based on the devotional reading and consider thought-provoking discussion questions. As such, the content offers an excellent opportunity for you to be encouraged and confront everyday life challenges.


In God’s Words for Life, the topics are as broad as the issues facing godly men today. Doing Good, Overcoming Worry, Overtaking Fear, Releasing Past Hurt, Finding Peace, Staying Focused, Adjusting Your Attitude, Dealing with Fatherlessness, Overcoming Stress, and much more.  


God’s Words for Life is a book that belongs on every man’s bookshelf. 

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